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Real Business Live Magazine

Outsource Management Virtual Event

This event presents compelling insights and practical advice for outsourcing management executives & professionals from leading IT industry sourcing experts.

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Quando?: 07-09-2016 - 08-09-2016 United Kingdom Evento
Quando?: 08-09-2016 - 09-09-2016 Norway Evento
Quando?: 11-09-2016 - 14-09-2016 United States Evento
Quando?: 11-09-2016 - 15-09-2016 United States Evento
Quando?: 14-09-2016 - 14-09-2016 UK Evento
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@XeroxEvents 30-08-2016 13:00:28
State & Local gov't agencies spend one-third of their time processing paper documents, @Xerox booth #govtechline LA https://t.co/WkiOj6ipMI
@XeroxEvents 29-08-2016 13:03:39
.@Xerox is proud to sponsor #govtechline LA beginning Tuesday, August 30th
@XeroxEvents 24-08-2016 12:47:33
Improve transparency by automating open records management @Xerox booth #930Gov & learn how #WFA Solution can help https://t.co/B9C7OBLRy6