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Real Business Live Magazine

Outsource Management Virtual Event

This event presents compelling insights and practical advice for outsourcing management executives & professionals from leading IT industry sourcing experts.

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Event details Location Event type
Quando?: 11-03-2015 - 11-03-2015 France Evento
Quando?: 11-03-2015 - 13-03-2015 Mexico Evento
Quando?: 12-03-2015 - 12-03-2015 Germany Evento
Quando?: 16-03-2015 - 18-03-2015 United States Evento
Quando?: 18-03-2015 - 21-03-2015 Brazil Evento
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@XeroxEvents 28-02-2015 18:14:39
@LudoVerhiel we hope that you liked Hunkeler. What did you think of the Rialto 900? Small package but packs a punch, right?
@XeroxEvents 25-02-2015 07:30:16
We're back for day 2/3 of #CCW2015 - see our transformational #custserv technology in H4 F10/G9 @callcenterworld