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Event details Location Event type
Zeitpunkt: 28.01.2015 - 28.01.2015 UK Veranstaltung
Zeitpunkt: 04.02.2015 - 04.02.2015 United Kingdom Veranstaltung
Zeitpunkt: 10.02.2015 - 10.02.2015 France Veranstaltung
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simple@work highlights

Xerox has always been about simplifying the way work gets done. So we created an event where people could come together and experience this—while giving them access to the best speakers across vari...

Insurance - Digital Transformation Initiatives

Welcome to Xerox’s Digital transformation Initiatives for Insurance where you can gain insights from industry experts on how to leverage technology and data with more innovative methods including s...

The Multi-Media Gallery for Communication and Marketing Services

We invite you to see and hear more about how simplifying the processes of marketing and communications can make budgets go further and improve customer experience.

Outsource Management

This event presents compelling insights and practical advice for outsourcing management executives & professionals from leading IT industy sourcing experts.

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Events set to benefit from eight-year high for marketing budgets @CITmagazine http://t.co/npPdE4MsJj http://t.co/DOITBoiHpP
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Who else is excited for Hunkeler Innovationdays? Register for free here! http://t.co/weiPUDXSpa