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Real Business Live Magazine

Outsource Management Virtual Event

This event presents compelling insights and practical advice for outsourcing management executives & professionals from leading IT industry sourcing experts.

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Event details Location Event type
Tidspunkt: 12-02-2016 - 12-02-2016 Italy Event
Tidspunkt: 18-02-2016 - 19-02-2016 Germany Event
Tidspunkt: 24-02-2016 - 25-02-2016 United States Event
Tidspunkt: 23-03-2016 - 23-03-2016 France Event
Tidspunkt: 31-05-2016 - 10-06-2016 Germany Event
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@XeroxEvents 11-02-2016 22:07:20
Thanks for being our guest @mfcasey! Glad you had a good time! #barclayscenter #nets 😊🏀 https://t.co/1LBn8xNHRF
@XeroxEvents 09-02-2016 07:31:03
We handle ur day-to-day operations while u focus on the big picture. Work can work better @Xerox @NASSCOM #nasscom_ILF #WorkingBetter
@XeroxEvents 08-02-2016 05:30:38
Feb 10th, 2016 the action begins NILF 2016 @GrandHyattMum. Xerox is there...Are you? @NASSCOM #nasscom_ILF @Xerox https://t.co/a9T8anufyT